Cat scratching post

A cat scratching post is a wooden post that enables your cat to scratch. All cats have an urge to scratch in order to clean their claws and also mark their territory. Most indoor cats tend to take this urge out on the furniture or the carpet so to prevent this from happening they need to be provided with a suitable post.

Scratching posts are designed so that they provide stability for your cat to use whilst scratching, this is due to the post being attached to a sturdy vase which ensures the post stays upright whilse your cat is using it. They also allow your cat to stretch out whilst using it’s post. The main benefit of having a cat scratching post is that their attention will be turned away from your furniture, carpet or wallpaper and that it will also provide your cat with vital exercise.

If you find that your cat is not interested in a simple cat scratching post then why not check out our selection of activity centres and cat scratchers which provides your cat with different platforms for them to climb on and even box areas for them to hide away in.

A cat scratching post does not necessarily need to be stand alone, there are cat scratch posts that can be hung from the door knob or even attached to the corner of your furniture.

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